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How can I stay in touch?

It helps me a lot to stay in contact with everybody who is interested in Ulftoberfest if people subscribe to the forum. This way, I can send announcements to everybody by pressing just one button (don't worry, I won't SPAM you...).

How can I sign up for Ulftoberfest?

Just registering in the forum does not mean that you actually subscribe for tickets. This would be done by posting a message in the related "who is joining" section of the forum. Check it out: forum.ulftoberfest.de

Where are last year's pictures?

Links to pictures pages can be found in the forum.

When is "it"?

If you do not know by now, please ask me.

What is "it" all about?

I hope y'all have a slight understanding of what Oktoberfest is all about. I guess I should explain though, what it means to have a reserved table at Oktoberfest. Basically, our reservation means that there will be seats for all of you when you arrive on time. We are at Schottenhamel, this is the oldest tent at Oktoberfest, and the only one with group tables which have benches for sitting and dancing purposes *around* themselves (in fact, you should refrain from dancing *on* the tables since our experiences in 2001 have shown that this may mean a sudden, but expensive, end - of the table). Albert Einstein used to work at Schottenhamel's as an electrician, before he decided to move on. And, last but not least, Schottenhamel is the only location where the party starts that early and is that hard.

When does it start?

We have a fixed slot that is mentioned on your access ticket. Traffic to, into and around the tent can be quite heavy. Please plan accordingly. Our entrance is W2 - at the back of the tent. Please note, that when you come in late, we will not be able to hold your seats because of the commonly high demand. Thus, you might end up not getting a seat at all unless you are able to squeeze in somewhere. One more point we learnned in the past is: When the tent is full, it is full. No matter if you have reservations or not...

Can I come in late?

Theoretically yes. But ...


Note that the whole place will be VERY crowded - thus only slow walking will be possible. Since Bavaria decided to limit the intensity of electro-magnetic forces at Oktoberfest, I would not want to rely too much on cell phone coverage, either. Another gotcha: If you try to call sombody in a tent, he will not be able to hear you because of the background noise....

What do I Pay For?

What you will hopefully have paid for at your arrival are three vouchers: Two for beers, one for a chicken. I will be passing out those vouchers in the hall, at our tables. In addition, a "Brotzeit-Brettls" will be waiting on your table when you arrive.

Can I trade my Vouchers?

It should be possible to use your beer voucher not only for beer. Same story for food: If you need more than just a chicken, you should be able to pay a part of a bigger meal with your voucher. The value in €€'s is written on the vouchers. Schottenhamel is known for its good food at lunchtime, and there are people who think it might be a good idea to eat well before the party starts.... Note: You don't have to always order beers. Although the choice will be limited, it has been proven healthy to toss in an alcohol-free Mass every once in a while.....

How about tipping?

x% "Bedienungsgeld" (that's what the little snippet on each voucher is for...) is included in whatever you buy from a waitress in a tent. For some reason, the Bedienungsgeld is not the tip for the waitresses, thus they appreciate if you round up a little...

What happens if I leave my seat?

Plain and simple: It will be gone if nobody watches out for it. Waitresses are paid by revenue and will not hesitate to stuff the never-ending stream of incoming people into any available spot. So, if you decide to check out the rides outside or so, please do this in small groups, so that the remaining crowd has a chance of protectioning our spot. If there is one person missing here and there, nothing will happen. A half-empty bench will be re-filled within minutes, though.

When does it end?

The tents are closing at 11:00 p.m., everybody needs to be out at 11:30 p.m.. You can't get in anymore after 10:30 p.m. (you might want to watch out...). The goal is to survive until 11:30 p.m. ...

Where do I sleep?

Sleep? Why sleep....? More seriously: Everybody should look into booking accomodation by himself. The Hotel Reservation Service (english version available) might be helpful.

Coming in early?

If you are coming in at Friday or Saturday night: Give me a call at home or on my cell phone so we can set something up. Or maybe you want to check out Oktoberfest already...

How do I get around?

From the airport, makes no sense to travel downtown by cab. Take the S-Bahn. Tickets are available at vending machines in the airport main hall, just follow the sign with the green "S". Credit Cards are accepted.
You want to get a ticket called "Streifenkarte", the related button on the machine is blue. You gotta fold that thing and stamp it once, in a way that eight sections are consumed. It is always eight sections from airport to downtown vv. The lines S1 ans S8 both go downtown - one on the western, one one the eastern route.

"Downtown", by the way is the "Marienplatz" station or the main station.Getting aropund downtown (one way) is normally not more than two sections. If you are traveling with more than one person, a day group ticket ("Gruppentageskarte") might make sense - this way, you can take up to four friends with you.

Stations for Oktoberfest are Poccistraße (good, with a little walking) or Theresienwiese (best, right on the spot). Factor in at least 15 min to get through the crowd from the latter station to Schottenhamel, also it's only 500m distance. You might want to consider walking there as well, since the whole subway stion might be very crowded.

Somebody Missing / Questions?

Do not hesitate to drop me a line at: ulf@ulftopia.com

Useful Links?

Hotel Reservation service: http://www.hrs.de
City Map: http://www.stadtplandienst.de
More information about Oktoberfest in German and English: http://www.oktoberfest.de

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